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Summerlin Mobile Auto Glass prides itself on being your premier choice for auto glass repair and windshield replacement services in Summerlin, NV. As a locally owned business, we bring expertise, experience, and a commitment to excellence directly to your doorstep.

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Why Choose Our Services in Summerlin NV ?

Our team of auto glass technicians is certified and brings years of hands-on experience to every job. Specializing in both laminated safety glass and tempered glass, we ensure your vehicle is equipped with the best for durability and safety.

We use only the highest quality materials, including laminated safety glass for windshields and tempered glass for side and rear windows, ensuring maximum protection and UV protection for you and your passengers.


Our Services

From minor chip repairs to complete windshield replacements and custom auto glass solutions, our services are designed to meet all your needs. We adhere to strict safety standards and use the latest adhesive systems and repair techniques to ensure your vehicle's integrity.

  • Summerlin Mobile Auto Glass is your premier partner in auto glass care, serving the vibrant Summerlin, NV community. Our expertise spans various vehicle glass services, meticulously designed to cater to every make and model. We pride ourselves on delivering exceptional service, whether it’s repairing minor stone chips and cracks to preserve the integrity of your glass or providing full-scale replacements with materials that meet or surpass OEM standards.

    Understanding the pivotal role of clear visibility for safe driving, we are committed to providing swift and reliable repair and replacement solutions. Our proficiency extends beyond windshields to all forms of vehicle body glass, including sunroofs, moonroofs, and door windows. We work with various glass types, from tempered to safety and laminated varieties, ensuring each repair or replacement adheres to the strictest safety protocols.

    At Summerlin Mobile Auto Glass, we also excel in servicing glass-run channels, guaranteeing the seamless functionality of your windows, manual or automatic. For technologically advanced vehicles, our specialized services cover automotive head-up displays and the precise calibration of windshields with ADAS systems, ensuring flawless integration and functionality post-service.

    Choose Summerlin Mobile Auto Glass for unparalleled auto glass care where quality and safety are always in clear focus.

  • At Summerlin Mobile Auto Glass, we understand the unique challenges of the climate in Summerlin, NV. The intense sun and dry conditions can wreak havoc on your vehicle’s glass. That’s why we’re dedicated to providing top-tier auto glass services to keep you safe on the road.

    Ignoring minor chips or cracks in your windshield can lead to more significant issues, compromising passenger safety and the proper deployment of airbags. Our team is adept at handling these repairs promptly to prevent further damage. We also specialize in windshield replacements fully compatible with advanced technologies like automotive head-up displays and vehicles equipped with heating coils or vinyl layers.

    Our mobile service brings the expertise of an entire auto glass shop directly to you, completing most basic repairs in just 20-30 minutes. For more complex issues, we take the time needed to ensure your vehicle receives the best care possible. Our technicians are well-versed in various cars, from vintage classics to the latest models featuring intricate sensors and computer systems.

    We’re committed to maintaining the highest safety standards, adhering to US Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards 212/208 for all our services. Whether it’s a bonded or non-bonded glass replacement, we use state-of-the-art vacuum technology and precision tools to deliver superior results. Our services extend to all vehicle glass, including rear windshields and windows, ensuring complete visibility and security for your journey.

Customer Experiences

At Summerlin Mobile Auto Glass, customer satisfaction speaks volumes about our commitment to excellence. Here’s a glimpse into the experiences of our valued Summerlin clientele:

Experience and Expertise: Our Team's Credentials

Our team’s credentials are rooted in their extensive expertise and experience. Each technician is certified and trained in the latest auto glass repair techniques, ensuring top-quality and safe services. With a track record of handling diverse auto glass issues, we confidently address any challenge.

We’re committed to ongoing education and staying updated with the latest auto glass technology and safety. Our transparent communication and dedication to customer satisfaction have made us a trusted name in Summerlin.

At Summerlin Mobile Auto Glass, you’ll find a passionate team dedicated to providing excellent service and ensuring your safety with every job. Choose us for reliable auto glass repair and replacement in Summerlin, NV.

Whether you need a repair or replacement for your rear glass, rear window glass, or back glass, our team is equipped to provide the highest quality service. We understand that each piece of glass in your vehicle plays a crucial role in its safety and structural integrity. Our technicians are trained to handle every aspect of auto glass repair and replacement, ensuring your vehicle is safe and secure.

Understanding Windshield Damage

Windshield damage can range from small chips and cracks to complete shattering. Common causes include road debris, accidents, and extreme temperature changes. Ignoring these damages can compromise your vehicle's safety.

Minor damages can quickly escalate, affecting visibility and the windshield's structural integrity. Early intervention can prevent the need for more costly replacements.

In addition to our comprehensive services, Summerlin Mobile Auto Glass emphasizes the importance of glass run channels in maintaining the smooth operation of your vehicle's windows. These channels are crucial in guiding the window glass as it opens and closes, ensuring a tight seal against the elements and noise reduction. Proper maintenance and repair of glass run channels are essential for the longevity and functionality of your auto glass.

Our commitment to safety extends to the adhesive curing process, a critical step in safely installing windshields and auto glass. The PVB layer (Polyvinyl Butyral) and the inner layer of laminated glass provide additional safety features, including impact resistance and protection from UV light. These layers are crucial for maintaining the windshield's structural integrity and ensuring the safety of all passengers.

We understand the importance of promptly addressing stone chips or cracks to prevent further damage. The depth of the crack and its location are critical factors in determining the best course of action. Our technicians are skilled in evaluating these factors to provide a safe and effective repair or replacement, adhering to environmentally friendly practices and local laws.

Adhesive Systems and Safe Drive-Away Time

We prioritize your safety by using advanced adhesive systems for windshield replacements, ensuring a durable and reliable bond. Our adhesives comply with all safety standards, offering maximum protection.

We carefully calculate the safe drive away time (SDAT) to guarantee the adhesive’s complete cure and the windshield’s structural integrity. This meticulous approach ensures your vehicle is safe for the road post-service.

Choose Summerlin Mobile Auto Glass for secure windshield installations and peace of mind, knowing that every aspect of our service is designed for your safety.

Environmental Stewardship at Summerlin Mobile Auto Glass

At Summerlin Mobile Auto Glass, we’re not just experts in auto glass services but also champions for the environment. Our operations in Summerlin, NV, are infused with a commitment to sustainability. We diligently minimize waste, recycle materials, and use eco-friendly products to lessen our ecological footprint.

Our environmental responsibility shines through in our careful disposal of windshields, especially those with complex components like heating coils and vinyl layers. We adhere strictly to environmental regulations, ensuring that our practices contribute positively to the well-being of our community.


  • The time required for a windshield replacement can vary depending on your vehicle's make and model and the adhesive's curing time. Typically, the process takes 30 minutes to an hour for the replacement, with an additional curing time to ensure the adhesive sets properly. When you schedule your service, we will provide you with an accurate time estimate and safe drive-away time (SDAT).

  • Whether a windshield can be repaired or needs to be replaced depends on the damage's size, location, and severity. Generally, chips smaller than a quarter and cracks less than three inches long can be repaired. However, damage in the driver's line of sight, at the edge of the windshield, or cracks that are too long or deep will likely require a full replacement. Our experts can assess the damage and recommend the best course of action.

  • Yes, Summerlin Mobile Auto Glass works with most insurance companies and can help you understand your windshield replacement or auto glass repair coverage. We can assist in filing your claim and handle the paperwork, making the process as smooth as possible.

  • We use only the highest quality auto glass, meeting or exceeding Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) standards. Our materials, including laminated safety glass and tempered glass, come with certifications that ensure they meet all safety and durability requirements.

  • We offer a warranty on all windshield replacements and auto glass repairs covering any defects in materials or workmanship. If you experience any issues with your service, please contact us immediately for a resolution. Specific warranty details will be provided at the time of service.

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About Summerlin NV

About Summerlin, NV

Summerlin, NV, is a master-planned community in the western part of Las Vegas, Nevada. With approximately 100,000 residents, it is one of the most populous communities in Las Vegas Valley. The median age of Summerlin residents is 41.9 years, with a median household income of $96,486. This suggests a high spending capacity among the residents. Summerlin is known for its diverse demographics, including families, young professionals, and retirees.

The community is ethnically diverse, with many residents identifying as White, Asian, and Hispanic or Latino. The community is also home to several prestigious schools, making it an attractive option for families with children. Regarding points of interest, Summerlin offers a variety of recreational facilities, parks, and community centers. The Red Rock Conservation Area, located in the western part of the community, is a popular destination for hiking and outdoor activities. Additionally, the community is home to the Summerlin Library and Performing Arts Center, which hosts various events and performances throughout the year.

Recent developments in Summerlin include the construction of new residential communities, such as the Siena and The Cliffs. These latest developments are designed to cater to various lifestyles and budgets, reflecting the diverse demographics of the community. Regarding long-term information, Summerlin has been consistently ranked as one of the best places to live in Las Vegas and Nevada by Niche. The community has also been recognized for its high quality of life, excellent schools, and a strong sense of community. With its continued growth and development, Summerlin is poised to remain desirable for many years.

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Driving Directions to Summerlin Mobile Auto Glass

Starting from Summerlin Library on Inner Circle in Las Vegas, NV, begin your journey by heading northwest toward Trails Center Dr for a short distance of about 89 feet. After this initial stretch, continue onto Trails Center Dr for approximately 0.1 mile, leading you to a left turn onto Village Center Cir. Follow Village Center Cir for about 0.3 miles until you reach a traffic circle.

At the traffic circle, take the first exit onto N Town Center Dr and proceed for about 0.2 miles. Your route will then guide you to take the Nevada 613 W/Summerlin Pkwy W ramp. Merge onto NV-613/Summerlin Pkwy W and stay on this parkway for 1.9 miles, enjoying a smooth drive.

Next, prepare to take the CC-215 S exit. This part of the journey involves merging onto Co Rd 215 S and traveling for 2.9 miles. As you continue, be ready to take exit 25 toward Sahara Ave. After exiting, merge onto Hughes Park Dr W for a brief 390 feet before making a left turn onto W Sahara Ave.

After turning onto W Sahara Ave and covering a distance of 0.2 miles, you will right-turn onto a restricted usage road. Follow this road for a short 108 feet, then make another right turn, still on a restricted usage road. Shortly after this turn, your destination, Summerlin Mobile Auto Glass at 2601 S Pavilion Center Dr #35 in Las Vegas, NV, will be on your left.

This entire trip from the Summerlin Library to Summerlin Mobile Auto Glass covers a total distance of 6.7 miles and should take you approximately 11 minutes to complete, traffic permitting. Enjoy your drive through the scenic routes of Summerlin, Las Vegas.

Things To Do in Summerlin, NV

Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area

Natural wonder with red rocks draws those looking to hike, rock climb or go for a scenic drive.

Palm Valley Golf Course

The Palm Valley Golf Club is a 27 hole championship layout designed by Arthur Hills and includes a full practice facility.

Las Vegas Sportspark

Las Vegas Sports Park has two indoor soccer fields and five outdoor soccer fields. Camps, league play available and also events and parties.

Las Vegas Mini Grand Prix Family Fun Center

4 go-kart & grand prix tracks for kids & adults, plus arcade, food, amusement rides & party room.

Lone Mountain Park

Green space with a roller hockey rink, basketball & tennis courts & a playground, plus picnic areas.

Paseos Park

There's a splash pad which is huge, clean and partially covered for those really brutal

Fox Hill Park

Fox Hill Park, nestled in the foothills in sunny Summerlin, Nevada, features the Orange Beast ropes course and much more!

TPC Las Vegas

Professional-level golf course offering 18 holes, a regular fixture on the PGA tour.

Downtown Summerlin

Stylish, modern development with clothing & lifestyle stores, restaurants & the Las Vegas Ballpark.

TPC Summerlin

TPC Summerlin, located just minutes from downtown Las Vegas, features an 18-hole golf course that hosts the Shriners Children's Open.

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