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If you are out and about and you find yourself in an emergency auto glass situation, mobile auto glass repair may be perfect for you. Hypothetically, you are at the mall and someone breaks into your car. You know that it is rush hour and it’s 120 degrees outside. Sitting in that car while stuck in traffic under the hot Summerlin sun without your AC being effective is not an option. So what do you do? You call Summerlin Mobile Auto Glass and see if one of our mobile auto glass repair technicians can’t come out and fix your car window right there at the mall parking lot.

We don’t charge our clients any extra for this service. We also do this for mobile windshield repair though, generally this will be out of sheer convenience. You can get any cracks or chips fixed in 30 to 45 minutes at the comfort of home or in the convenience of killing two birds with one stone by getting your repairs done at your office on your lunch break. For twenty years now, we have been exceeding our customers’ expectations with this service and what really blows our clients’ minds, is that we guarantee this service with a 100 percent warranty and it is competitively priced.

In fact, we don’t charge anything extra. It is just like if you were to come to us, yet, we come to you. Give us a ring anytime during business hours and ask away. We’ll address all of your questions and provide you with a precise quote.

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