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The desert sun is one of the main reasons that the Las Vegas Valley becomes a dangerous place for automotive windshields. The lack of rain makes it so that hard debris never gets cleaned off roadways in a natural manner. We have to rely on hands to pick the debris up. What happens is this hard debris build-up becomes missiles when trucks drive by. They get picked up by the passing air pressure or flung from beneath the tires of vehicles in front of you and end up smashing into your front windshield. If this horrible occurrence happens to you, be sure to call a certified auto glass repair shop as soon as possible.

Otherwise, a simple windshield repair service may end up turning into you needing a new windshield. The desert sun in Summerlin Nevada is just too hot. The glass expands during the day and contracts when the temperatures cool at night creating a lot of movement in the glass every day. The result of this is that pits, cracks, and chips grow fast. So, if you see any damage, it is wise to call the experts for:

  • Auto Glass Repair Summerlin

We'll provide you with a free estimate and answer every question that you have. If you haven’t had the opportunity to test out our mobile repair service, this is your chance. At no extra charge, we’ll load up one of our company trucks with everything needed to get your auto glass back to 100% and send our technician to a place of your choosing so that you don’t have to spend time coming to us. Call for your free estimate today.

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