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Traffic accidents are scary, but getting hit with foreign object debris on the highway is almost as scary … and can even cause you to wreck because it is so startling. Bringing this around full-circle, the cause of the debris that can break your windows is often the result of previous traffic accidents that occurred. Little chunks of the vehicles that got left behind on the road end up airborne and dangerous.

If you are lucky, the debris will only startle you and bounce harmlessly off the auto glass. If you are not so lucky, it will chip or crack the glass and put you in need of windshield repair. With Summerlin Mobile Auto Glass you are in good hands. We have been helping victims of highway debris flingings for 20 years now. We are the best glass repair service in Summerlin and one of the top-rated shops in Clark County.

It is important to call us for a consultation as soon as possible. If you delay, the extreme weather will cause the damage to your windshield to worsen and you may end up spending more money having your auto glass replaced instead of a simple 30 minute repair. All you have to do is give us a call and we will help assess the situation and even give you a free estimate. Ask about our free mobile service. We can handle most windshield repairs right at your home or office.

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