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There is a ton of people in the greater Las Vegas area nowadays. Summerlin has almost doubled in size since 2018. That is just eight years! Many of us who live in Summerlin Nevada have to commute to Vegas to work. With over two million residents, there are a lot more accidents than there used to be. This means that there is more debris left on the roads than there used to be and thus, more potential to damage your auto glass each day. Car glass repair services are popping up all over because of this.

But if you search auto glass repair near me, you’ll find that our shop is one of the most respected in all of Clark County. We achieved this through our dedication to our customers. We do everything in our power to make their lives easier. If you have never heard of mobile glass repair, we basically invented it. Instead of having to come to our shop, we load up one of our company trucks with all the tools and materials needed to do a car glass repair job that is good enough to be guaranteed for as long as you own your vehicle.

We only use the very best components in our repairs, and all of our outstanding technicians are certified. Give our illustrious crew a call today and get a free estimate and consultation. You’ll be so glad that you chose the best in the business and didn’t have to spend more money to receive the best service.

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