Auto Window Repair

The Mojave desert can go months without rain. And when it does finally rain, we only see about two inches to round out the annual precipitation. Summerlin is dry and hot. With no rain to clear the debris from the roads, we end up with a lot of stuff that can get airborne and cause damage to our windshields. The other thing about the hot sun is that it accentuates any damage to our auto glass, so auto window repair should be handled promptly.

If you tarry, a more costly car windshield replacement service may become necessary. Our crews are so skilled that most repairs can be handled as quickly as a half-an-hour. And unlike many other shops in the area, Summerlin Mobile Auto Glass stands behind their work with a 100 percent warranty. So, you won’t have to worry about a repair job having issues down the road.

We also, offer a mobile service so that you don’t have to drive to us. Nobody likes sitting in an auto glass shop lobby, even it is only for 30 minutes. We can perform the repairs on your vehicle right in your very driveway or even in your office parking lot. Just give us a call and ask us about our various services. We will be more than happy to answer all of your questions.

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