Windshield Crack Repair

We can get complacent in our vehicle maintenance. Especially when we own a newer car. We just assume everything is going to work properly because it is a late-model vehicle. We don’t do weekly walkarounds to kick the tires and do a visual inspection. But we should, just because the car is new, doesn’t mean that it isn’t subject to the wear and tear of the highway or unexpected damage. This holds true for the windshields as well. Often we pick up a ship or crack and are not even aware because it happened while we were parked.

A passing truck just happened to hit a rock or other hard object just right with the edge of its tire and boom! There is a projectile flying at high speed towards your defenseless, parked car. Sometimes the damage occurs near the bottom of the windshield where it is partially hidden from view. This is bad because we might not see it and it means that it is close to the edge and could run right into the seal and cause need for car window replacement if a windshield crack repair isn’t done right away.

Be sure to give your car, truck, or SUV a good once-over each week. If you notice any damage to the glass, give Summerlin Mobile Auto Glass a call and we will assess the situation and offer you a free estimate. We stand behind all of work with a 100 percent guarantee and only use the highest quality materials and tools. Our technicians are known for being some of the best in the business, we make sure that each one receives ongoing training and is certified to handle any auto glass situation. Call today and get your free service estimate.

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