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If you have ever spent a summer in the Las Vegas Valley, you know that it gets hot. Really hot. The sun looks giant overhead and will quickly get the interior of your car up to cooking temperatures. In fact, it only takes about ten minutes, and the air inside your car can climb around 20 degrees. On 100- degree days, the interior of the car can easily hit 172 degrees. This means that if you are driving around with cracks, chips, or pits, the damage will increase rapidly over time.

The extreme heat causes the glass to expand which agitates the damage, causing it to grow with the expansion and contraction. A lot of times, people in Summerlin could have simply gotten their windshield repaired, but they end up calling us for auto glass replacement Summerlin because they waited too long and the cracks lengthened so quickly to a point beyond repair.

Even if you are already at this point, our team is the best in the area at windshield replacement. We have been doing this for over 20 years and have learned the mojo it takes to get an almost factory-like seal. We are experts in:

  • Windshield Replacement Summerlin

One of the reasons that so many people in Clark County choose us is because we offer a 100% warranty on all of our services. We never give false estimates either. Many auto shops and glass companies like to give competitive quotes only to add unforeseen surcharges later that take the customer by surprise. We never do this. Our quotes are rock-solid, which has helped build our reputation in the area. Call us for details on our mobile windshield replacement, and we’ll get you an accurate quote and make sure that all of your questions get answered.

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